An interactive DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) campaign from Cosc – The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence is highlighting the prevalence of excuses used by Irish people for sexual harassment and sexual violence.

No Excuses uses a moderated real-time social media feed to post comments from Twitter and elsewhere over the DOOH creative. Comments such as “Is Coercion by your partner a sex crime now?” and “Are we becoming so PC that it’s literally hands off. I wonder how this would go down in France?” and “The girl at the end should learn to drink responsibly” demonstrate how easily sexual harassment and sexual violence are legitimised in this country.

“In OOH, this campaign holds a mirror up to Ireland’s everyday excuses around sexual harassment and sexual violence. We’ve achieved this by using our proprietary data services to monitor the conversations around the ads; then showcase them in real-time, on digital outdoor,” said Ruth Gill, Account Manager, TBWA.

A spokesperson from Cosc, said: ‘Given the context of this campaign, we were eager for our messaging to reach people in a social setting. That is why we see the use of Social and Cine D’s as a vital component of our media strategy’

The campaign, which runs exclusively on Wide Eye Outdoor formats Social D and Cine D, was created by TBWA and booked by PHD. Multiple pieces of copy were tailored to the pub and cinema environments.

“Social and Cine D’s helped us have presence at times and in locations when the campaign message is highly relevant and importantly in a way that will resonate with key audiences,” according to Grainne Clarke, Group Account Director PHD.

The campaign runs on over 70 Wide Eye Outdoor screens nationally and is sure to provoke further debate in social settings on what constitutes sexual harassment and sexual violence.